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Proposed Areas


Áreas de Estudio

The project will study 10 areas in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Macaronesic regions with the aim of including them in the Marine Natura 2000 Network. These areas are: Cañón de Avilés, Banco de Galicia, Chimeneas de Cádiz, Seco de los Olivos, lsla de Alborán y conos volcánicos, Delta del Ebro-Columbretes, Cañón de Creus, Canal de Menorca, Banco de la Concepción y Sur de Fuerteventura.


The areas are part of an Environment Ministry (2004) proposal to make an inventory of the biodiversity, in addition to being part of a proposal for a Representative Network of Protected Marine Areas in Spain, made in 2005 by WWF Spain together with scientists from the main marine research institutes, universities and Spanish NGOs.


The criterions used to select these areas were based on the following aspects:


  1. Biogeographic representation in the proposed areas
  2. Presence of submarine structures worthy of conservation and study
  3. Presence of endangered habitats and species
  4. Presence of well-preserved natural areas



These areas have been considered sufficiently representative and of priority interest to perform the inventory. They represent an initial proposal for action, which could be extended or modified based on the research done as part of the project. The total area of these 10 areas is approximately 2.5 million hectares.





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