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Canón de Creus

Cañón de Creus


Location: The Cape Creus submarine canyon is located 3 km off the coastline with a total length of 40 km, and a maximum depth of 1,400 m. The Cañón de Creus has an abrupt and varied bathymetry.

Scientific characteristics: The Cañón de Creus operates as a deep reef. The current information shows a high diversity of species in several of the areas of the Cape Creus canyon. The communities observed in these enclaves at some 190 meters deep are clearly different from the ones observed in the platform areas. The main species as builder of the tridimensional structure is the scleractinian coral Madrepora oculata. This white coral is typical of deep and cold water areas, like the corals from other latitudes is an essential support for countless of benthonic species, which entails a high diversity. It was observed that the cold coral communities are an ideal habitat for young fishes of varied species. Many of these species are commercially important, and these habitats are a shelter for them against the fishing pressure and an environment where the recovery of the stocks of these populations is facilitated.  

Its unique nature and its restricted presence are responsible of the singularity of these communities. A thorough study of their biology and ecology will permit the establishment of appropriate protection measures.




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