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Dive in a Submarine

Live the experience on an INDEMARES simulated dive in the JAGO (IFM-GEOMAR) submarine and observe the seabeds of Creus Canyon.

Watch the following videos which recreate the immersion of a submarine from the moment it dives down into the sea until it resurfaces. It plays audio information at the same time, as the sounds and the conversations that took place during these dives can be heard at all times.

Navega en un submarino
Once the dive has finished (watching one of the videos), download the corresponding question sheet which contains photos of the organisms and other objects that were seen during the dive, along with those that do not appear in the video.

With the question sheet, now try to identify what you saw while underwater. Afterwards, you can try to check the results on the Poster.
If you were unable to correctly identify what you saw, go for another dive in the submarine, this time with the question sheet in hand, and look for what you did not identify.

After the first dive, we encourage you to take another dive with the other video. GO FOR IT!!!