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Chimeneas de Cádiz - November and December Campaign - CIRCE/ALNITAK

Delfín mular / Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) ©CIRCE/ALNITAK

The organisation CIRCE carried out the second Chimeneas de Cádiz campaign together with Alnitak from 20 November to 20 December. The aim of this campaign was to design the data capture method with which we want to obtain the absolute multitude, spatial distribution and time distribution of bottlenose dolphins and other cetacean species in this area.

Although the weather conditions did not accompany the research team they stayed aboard the Thomas Donagh sailboat for a month and covered a total of 1,225 km of sampling. They were able to make a total of 11 sightings of cetaceans, with a total of 4 observations of common dolphins, 1 observation of a porpoise, 1 observation of a striped dolphin and 3 observations of bottlenose dolphins.

During the sampling they were able to obtain around 5,000 dorsal fins pictures of bottlenose dolphins. Although they have not started the work of photo-identification, a succinct analysis confirms that we were looking at groups of bottlenose dolphins completely unknown to date. This, together with the pictures taken in the June campaign (5,460 pictures), will shortly enable marking and recapturing models to be made.

On the other hand, according to the distribution of the observations, these groups seem to be concentrated around the Chimeneas de Cádiz, which confirm that this area of study is an ideal candidate to continue with the campaigns.